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Auto Darkening Vs Fixed Shade Welding Helmets

We’ll go over some of the benefits of each type of welding helmet and give you our thoughts on auto darkening vs fixed shade welding helmets.

When we think it’s best to use an auto darkening welding helmet:
As a beginner if you have the chance to use a high quality auto darkening welding helmet you should give it a try. You may find it easier to get practice without having to worry about your view.
TIG and MIG welding seem to work easier with an auto darkening helmet.
It’s also great for tacking without the need to raise your hood. It’s also great for fine pin point TIG or art work.

Fixed shade welding helmets are generally less expensive but still work well overall.
Fixed shade helmets keep everything dark and may cause issues with seeing anything beyond the most intense light and if there isn’t strong light shining on your work piece.
That said, Many people prefer fixed shade helmets. There is a strong tradition among welders to use fixed shade lenses.

Overall it’s a personal preference and it’s wise to learn how to weld with both kinds of helmets.