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Welding Helmet Magnifier

For many people like me, our eyes are slowly deteriorating as we get older.  I used to be near sided and now I am both near sided and far sided so I have a pair of glasses for reading and driving.  When it comes to welding, sometimes I weld with glasses on and sometimes without.  It all depends on what I am welding and how small the parts or welding items I am working with.

On some occasion, I need to use a magnifying glass to weld or to read the small print on many of the instruction manuals that come with the equipment that I am working with.  I find that if I do simple eye exercises, my eye does get stronger but when I get lazy which I tend to do – my eyes go down the tubes.  This is also the case the more I use my prescription glasses.

Any ways, if you tend to weld with small things and need a welding helmet magnifier, I find that it is a lot more useful then trying to welding while holding a magnifying glass that is not connected to your welding helmet.  In some cases with out something to hold the magnifying glass for you it is next to impossible.

So if your eyes are not the best, investing in a welding helmet magnifier might be just what you needed.