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Welding Helmet Magnifier

For many people like me, our eyes are slowly deteriorating as we get older.  I used to be near sided and now I am both near sided and far sided so I have a pair of glasses for reading and driving.  When it comes to welding, sometimes I weld with glasses on and sometimes without.  It all depends on what I am welding and how small the parts or welding items I am working with.

On some occasion, I need to use a magnifying glass to weld or to read the small print on many of the instruction manuals that come with the equipment that I am working with.  I find that if I do simple eye exercises, my eye does get stronger but when I get lazy which I tend to do – my eyes go down the tubes.  This is also the case the more I use my prescription glasses.

Any ways, if you tend to weld with small things and need a welding helmet magnifier, I find that it is a lot more useful then trying to welding while holding a magnifying glass that is not connected to your welding helmet.  In some cases with out something to hold the magnifying glass for you it is next to impossible.

So if your eyes are not the best, investing in a welding helmet magnifier might be just what you needed.

Welding Helmet Supplies

We help you choose which welding helmet supplies like auto darkening lenses will work best for you.

You may be tempted to just go with a fixed shade lens for your welding helmet but you should really check out the new auto darkening lenses that will allow you to weld reliably without having to lift your face mask every time you need to check out the progress of your weld.

The high quality auto darkening lenses have variable controls to let you adjust the light to dark shades. The great thing about the auto darkening lenses is that they protect your eyes and face from harmful light at all times. You’ll be able to pull off more continuous work and keep your workflow steady, fast and reliable with an auto darkening lens in your welding helmet.

When choosing a welding helmet supply like lenses you’ll want to consider safety, comfort, convenience and style. You’ll be able to find lenses that can be adjusted from levels like 6 to 9 or even 9 to 13. Choose according to whats needed with your machinery and own personal preference. You can even find models that adjust delay and sensitivity for the change from shaded to clear. This delay can be set from .5 seconds up to 2 seconds.


Auto Darkening Vs Fixed Shade Welding Helmets

We’ll go over some of the benefits of each type of welding helmet and give you our thoughts on auto darkening vs fixed shade welding helmets.

When we think it’s best to use an auto darkening welding helmet:
As a beginner if you have the chance to use a high quality auto darkening welding helmet you should give it a try. You may find it easier to get practice without having to worry about your view.
TIG and MIG welding seem to work easier with an auto darkening helmet.
It’s also great for tacking without the need to raise your hood. It’s also great for fine pin point TIG or art work.

Fixed shade welding helmets are generally less expensive but still work well overall.
Fixed shade helmets keep everything dark and may cause issues with seeing anything beyond the most intense light and if there isn’t strong light shining on your work piece.
That said, Many people prefer fixed shade helmets. There is a strong tradition among welders to use fixed shade lenses.

Overall it’s a personal preference and it’s wise to learn how to weld with both kinds of helmets.

Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

Auto Darkening Welding Helmets are amazing welding helmets that have a clear lens when you don’t have the welding machine going but within 1/25,000 of a second will turn to dark in order keep your eyes safe.

The Auto Darkening Welding lens is a great convenience when you’re welding so you have no issues welding while you would normally be pulling down your dark lens. The auto darkening lens will also protect you against UV and IR wavelengths. Many Auto Darkening welding helmets have high and low sensitivity adjustment as well as automatic power on and off.

Make sure you look into an auto darkening welding helmets when searching for eye protection for your welding projects.

Custom Welding Helmets

You can’t go wrong with custom welding helmets.  Nothing beats giving something that was specifically made to your own personal needs.  You can get welding helmets that fit your head perfectly and have all the specification that you asked for.

No more having to try on random welding helmets hoping that they fit and have auto darkening screens.  Get exactly what you want.  You work all done with your welding helmet on so why not get one made that fits all your welding needs.  The only way to do this is to buy a custom welding helmet.

Doing so will make your welding experience much more easier and enable you to produce better and faster welds.

Welding Helmets Testimonials

One of the best ways to find the best welding helmets is to listen to actual welding helmet testimonials.   These testimonials can be recommendations for people you work with or respect.

Getting a good welding helmet testimonial can be better than reading a welding helmet review because the recommendation is coming from someone that you know.  Hopefully these individuals been welding for a long time so you can trust their advice on welding helmets.

So don’t be shy about seeking out testimonial.  If you don’t ask then you won’t find out what is good and what is bad when it comes to finding the right welding helmet for you.

Take it from me.  I spent of a lot of money trying to find the right welding helmet when I could have saved a ton of money by asking around and reading online reviews of welding helmets.